Complete of the papers I have published, including links to full texts and .bib reference files.

Recent working papers and work in progress:

Papers in English:

Title Year Journal Links
Whose feedback matters? Empirical evidence from online auctions 2018 Applied Economic Letters fulltext
The effectiveness of fiscal policy over the business cycle: A CEE perspective 2016 Emerging Markets Finance and Trade fulltext
Inflation in Poland under state-dependent pricing 2016 Ekonomicky Casopis fulltext
Credible enough? Forward guidance and perceived National Bank of Poland’s policy rule 2016 Applied Economic Letters fulltext


Papers in Polish (selected):

Title Year  Journal Links
What drives economic migration plans? Microdata analysis for Poland [Wyjechać czy zostać...] 2016 Gospodarka Narodowa fulltext
Polish monetary policy through the lens of regime switching Taylor rule [Zmiany w czasie reguły Taylora...] 2016 Ekonometria abstract
Effects of monetary policy in a small-scale DSGE model for Poland – how much the estimation method determine the results [Reakcja gospodarki polskiej na szok polityki pieniężnej...] 2012 Bank i Kredyt fulltext
The effects of an expected and unexpected tightening of the monetary policy in the light of a hybrid DSGE model for Poland’s economy [Efekty oczekiwanego i nieoczekiwanego...] 2011 Ekonomista abstract
Monetary policy rule for Poland – Results for various specifactions [Reguła polityki pieniężnej dla Polski...] 2011 Oeconomia Copernicana fulltext
Forecasting inflation components – does it help to predict polish inflation? [Czy dezagregacja indeksu cen...] 2010 Przegląd Statystyczny fulltext
Short-term inflation forecasting using factor models [Krótkookresowe prognozowanie inflacji...] 2010 Bank i Kredyt fulltext
Optimum inflation rate in growth modeling [Optymalna stopa inflacji...] 2008 Ekonomista abstract


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